What is eCommerce?
eCommerce at the basic level, is the use of the world wide web (www) or Internet, for advertising, buying and selling goods or services. Additionally, all of the conventional paper-based transactions such as contracts and money transfers are processed electronically.

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How does it work?
Short version:

Customers browse though your store/shop (located within you web site), and decide to 'buy' your products.  These products are placed into a 'shopping basket' which customers can amend at any time.  When your customers have finished browsing, they can review their shopping basket, and then proceed to the 'check out'.

When your customers press the check out button, they are then taken to a secure server where they are asked for their personal details and credit card information.  This then completes the transaction.

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How much will it cost?
Prices will be available on demand, but generally will start from 100.00.  This  may vary depending on the content and design of you store.   Please contact me for more details.

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Do I need to buy expensive software?

Our software will integrate with any existing web site that you may already own, and will easily form part of any web site we have designed.

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Are credit card transactions secure?

All personal details and credit card information takes place on secure serves provided by PayPal. Click the link for more information.

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