DVD Production

Got any old black & white photos, old Polaroid snaps or video tapes of your holidays lying around?
Then why not preserve them and extend the life of your memories!

Using the latest technology, we offer the following three services:

Store Your Pictures on to a DVD disc Create DVD's of Your Pictures and Watch Them On Your TV. Transfer your old VHS video tapes to DVD



Storing your pictures onto DVD:

  • Using a high resolution scanner, we can import pictures from 4" x 6" up to A4 size. Resulting quality will depend on the quality of the original photograph.

  • Transfer pictures from a variety of digital media cards, including: SM, SD, MS, MMC, MS Pro, XD and Compact Flash media cards. There will be no loss of quality compared to the original photograph.

The photographs will be stored and sorted into any order, i.e. date picture was taken or specific albums. The DVD disc can then be place in any computer which has a DVD Rom drive for your to view or print off.

In some cases the DVD discs may play in some of the newest home DVD players, but this is not guaranteed!


Create DVD's of your Albums:

  • Once the photographs have been imported, we can produce slideshows of your pictures/albums with or without background music.
  • Because we use branded DVD disc, these will play in any home DVD player or on a computer with a DVD Rom drive.


Create DVD's from your VHS Video Tapes:

Is your cupboard crammed with old video tapes?          Frightened of your holiday tape being chewed up?

Then why not transfer them to DVD! That way your baby's first steps will be preserved for a long time.

  • Store up to 6hrs of video tape on to 1 DVD disc.
  • The DVD will play in virtually any DVD player.
  • Virtually no loss of audio or picture quality. This is dependant on the age and quality of the original cassette.
  • No more clutter!


For more information, please email me!

Last Updated 13/08/07
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